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About Us

Home Cables is a quality driven company that offers only the finest products available in carefully integrated system design to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs. Home Cables is a group of two companies, Home Impex, dealing in lightning products, whereas Home cables, dealing in electrical cables and pure copper wires. Our high quality raw material is imported from China for the production of our reliable lighting and electrical products. We cater the needs of all kinds of cables, lightning products and other electrical products.

We have the necessary expertise to engineer innovative and reliable products. Being established in 2010, we have two operating factories in Karachi and Lahore. We have served renowned builders and suppliers in a reliable manner. The company understands the evolution of technological advances, and hence continuously innovates itself by using the modernized yet cost-effective procedures.

Our Mission

We continuously strive to achieve long-term sustainability and high credentials by exceeding our clients and employees expectations.


Our vision is to set leading standards in quality and safety of our products and services, by bringing innovative solutions and research in our methods. We have set our goal to become the foremost choice for our clients, enabling us to deliver guaranteed customer service and build long-term relationships.


We are of the team of expert & professional We are a professional company that performs good work .


We are working in the industry just because of our customers trust.


we are expert in our field because our customers say it not by us.

Our Philosophy

GWe conduct our affairs in such a way that a satisfactory return on group
assets is achieved and the following core values are adhered.


We supply components with the confidence that they will consistently deliver a quality performance every time. We also provide full technical backup and assistance, across our entire range, for added assurance and feasibility.


We are committed to ensure that our operations are conducted with zero harm to our users and the environment; the quality of our products and services are upheld and consistently maintained.


We possess a team that has several years of experience. This enables us to comfortably meet and exceed our user’s needs and requirements, regardless of their background.